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On the Record – trackside notes written to give you an edge

Zari Wolf – Doncaster – 03/09/2023

Jimmy Gaskin’s black pup by Droopys Sydney out of Zari Session walked out of the boxes today in an A2 over 483m but still headed the field into the first bend. Held on to beat Thereurnow by little more than a neck.

The ‘Wolf’ might come back to A1 with more success if he can get out of the boxes a little quicker and may well make the step up to Open company in time.

Coney Revolution – Nottingham- 31/08/2023

Sarah Spillane’s black and white dog is a 7 time winner at A2 and stepped up to A1 today, finishing second to Ballymac Emo.

He is running as quickly now as ever, but he will need to improve again if he is to challenge for the gold medal in this grade (A1).

Trubbys Field – Sheffield- 31/08/2023

After being off since 7th July, Michael Field’s black dog, who is on the brink of turning two-years-old, made mincemeat of an A7 today.

This wide runner has plenty of stamina and might get a longer trip in the future.

I’d be on this in A6, in an average field. He should be running back in A5 soon and pushing on from there.

Droopys Momentum – Sheffield – 31/08/2023

Lisa Stephenson’s white and black bitch is a pup with Open Racing in her sights.

A winner at A3 today, she seems to take 2 steps forward and 1 step back in terms of performance.

When firing, she gets every inch of the Sheffield 500m oval and showed that when winning comforably today.

Had an off day LTO despite a decent start and having a clear run. She might find A2 a difficult nut to crack initially, and we might find her running back in A3 as she continues to strengthen.

Carols Snowflake – Suffolk Downs – 31/08/2023

Should be winning in A2 again sometime soon based on today’s run, after winning in A3 LTO.

Is liable to find trouble on the run-up if trapping averagely in A2.

Roger York’s Black and white bitch runs middle and is a little one paced, albeit very fast. Vulnerable to fast closing types and unlikely to get much further than Suffolk’s short 388m loop.

Capt Ranks – Oxford – 29/08/2023

One of the fastest dogs running in A8 at Oxford and starting as favourite in her last 6 races.

Chris Hamblin’s black bitch has just turned two and is finding plenty of trouble in running.

Trapped very well last time out. Holds a line middle/wide. Trap 4 is probably her best chance or even 5.

When she started in T2, she moved off the rail and found trouble. Slow starts have put paid to her chances in 4 of her last 6 starts.

Knocked an astonishing 3/4 of a second off her fastest time LTO and will no doubt be a target for the grader.

Coppeen Machine – Swindon – 25/08/2023

Shaun Gresham’s brindled equalled his best time today from Trap 2 at Swindon. This was a real step-up in performance and could see the ‘machine’ back in Open company soon.

Once on the bunny, he is a powerful and pacy dog, who runs all the way through the line. He doesn’t usually trap as well as he did today, so it will be interesting to see how he does next time out – probably in A2 company.

Oi Oi Joey – Oxford – 25/8/2023

A very classy dog who took a big step forward today, winning in A1 company in his fastest time yet.

Traps smartly and holds his line well. He’s not an out and out railer, so trap 2 holds an advantage. Improving at the lids, so could be even more to come.

Probably ready for another crack at open racing and could get 500m trip, so Hove and Towcester might not be out of the question going forward.

Brandon Bay – Oxford – 25/8/2023

A pacy bitch that stays the 450m well at Oxford.

Wide runner that is usually quickly away but often cuts in quickly and finds trouble. Went through the grades with back to back wins in June and now finds herself in A3 company where she needs a clear run to prevail.

Vacant traps inside have proven decisive in her favour, so this is a useful marker to look out for. A drop back to A4 could be an opportunity to back.

Savana Patrick – Oxford – 25/8/2023

A fast time today at Oxford in A5. 27.31 is a competitive A4 time.

The difference today was a very sharp break with a split 9 spots quicker than previous.

I’d be surprised if he continues to ping the lids like this so he could be one to oppose in A4 or better. Runs better in the orange jacket than the stripes.

Ashgrove Lass – Hove – 15/8/2023

Despite having a decent time in D3 at Hove, her strike-rate is quite poor. She failed to convert an easier chance to win today, despite finishing a close third.

The key issue appears to be a relatively slow break, even in this company. She may need an easier D3 to chalk up a win. A Lay opportunity next time around, depending on the quality of the field.

Vancouver Port – Romford – 15/8/2023

Katie O’Flaherty’s black and white railer is a punter’s delight drawn in Box 1 at Romford in A1 company.

A brave and pacy individual, Vancouver Port will give everything to mount a challenge up the inner at the first bend. He has a 50% strike rate in the red jacket in A1 company at Romford.

Look to back this one if two closely matched wide runners are in the field and VP is drawn in the red jacket.  Vancouver Port might just be vulnerable to wide runners who stay out of trouble and finish quickly. Recent examples of this are defeats by Drumcrow Cody (5) and Doghouse Dazzler (6) when the selection had been 7/4f at the lids.

Meeling Road – Suffolk Downs – 15/8/2023 

Managed to Lay Meeling Road on the exchange on Tuesday, 15th August, in an A3. She finished third despite Trap 1 and 2 getting in each other’s way to improve her chances. Will be looking for opportunities to Lay again in this company.

Meeling Road – Suffolk Downs – 8/8/2023 

Jim Daly’s Black bitch is back to her A4 best after a season break and 6 recent runs, 1 of these in A5. This very wide runner (she has a tendancy to come out almost sideways) has put in improving times since her return, although her sectionals are still a little short of her best.

A pacey individual who can win at A3, providing she has her trapping boots on. Cuts in from wide relativrly early, so she has to clear the dogs on her inside to have any chance.

Bows Hill Star  – Hove – 8/8/2023

A rather one paced but effective dog in A4. Runs rails to middle and breaks slowly. Unlikely to be on the bunny, but doesn’t need to be as he gets every metre of the 500 standard.

Not an easy dog to oppose in an average A4 at Hove.

Da Crafty Fox – Suffolk Downs 8/8/2023

A snoozy trapper at A4 level. Does most of his best work down the back straight. An A5 is within his grasp, but he will be playing catchup if he is to do so.  Runs wide at first and wider at last bend. A4 time on the bunny. Unlikely do get on bunny in A4 or A5. Does not need to clear inner in an A6.

Dark Candy – Hove – 8/8/2023

Black Bitch who went through the grades (A8-A6) with a three timer and then won two races later in A5.

A consistently fast trapper and front runner, the 500 standard demands he gets every yard at A4. Vulnerable to fast finishers at Hove in that grade but should follow up with an A4 win at some time soon.

Glengar Bomber – Hove 8/8/2023

Stays every inch of the 500m standard at Hove. No slouch out of the boxes and muscles through bends in crowds. Pacey on the straights with track craft.

This is a solid A4 dog with his best form probably behind him. He has won at A3 as a pup around Hove. He could do that again if he can get on the bunny.

Expect to see this one finishing fast and late. Not quite Space Jet but similar in style at his level.

Kerrs Bruno – Hove 8/8/2023

Been going the wrong way for a while now, but still a classy dog who can win at A4. Strong running type who runs close to the front at one pace. Vulnerable to a faster finisher.

Despite not pinging the lids, Bruno can fight his way forward by the first bend.

Punk Rock Hippy – Hove – 8/8/2023

No slouch out of the boxes and goes through the gears well. Another strong running type but no extra after final bend at A4.

An A5 prospect before too long and in contention if a weak A4 race.

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