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The Cowley Puppy Collar

First Round PREVIEW


HEAT 1 19:07

TRAP 1 – ( GOLDEN PALACE ) Michelle Brown’s December ’21 beige dog has found trouble in each of his three trial stakes over track and distance. He is a game pup and liable to come from off the pace. Might upset the forecast if he avoids trouble. Best Recent Time (BRT) 26.97

TRAP 2 – ( CAT ISLAND ) The Romford raider is a hot prospect. Liable to ping the lids, Mark Wallis’ brindled dog has devastating early. He made all in last week’s trial, staying on to close out a fast finishing DROOPYS CRISP by 1/2 a length. He should lead up with LONG FELLOW alongside. BRT 26.93

TRAP 3 – ( LONG FELLOW ) Trap 3 may suit Matt Dartnall’s pup a little better than trap 1, as he tends to run rails to middle. Any doubts about his ability to get out of the boxes have been laid to rest, certainly if his last 3 runs are anything to go by. He may well lead up again alongside CAT ISLAND but he may not quite have the pace or the stamina to stay with the blue jacket, let alone hold off a fast finishing DROOPYS CRISP. BRT 26.96

TRAP 4 – ( ROMEO FIREBRAND ) The second of the Romford raiders, ROMEO FIREBRAND, outran his odds in fine style in last Friday’s trial stakes and looks to be an improving type. He’s unlikely to ping the lids as well as he did last week, and if he doesn’t he may find things happening a little too quickly around him. BRT 27.14

Trap 5 – ( DROOPYS CRISP ) Impressive in defeat, DROOPYS CRISP has the fastest BRT of the runners in this heat. A smooth passage is by no means a given but with BRINKLEYS GINGER on his outside and running wide, at least there is a chance of a trouble free run. If this happens, then expect to see Liz McNair’s beige pup pick up the leader with plenty in hand. BRT 26.73

TRAP 6 – ( BRINKLEYS GINGER) Patrick Browne’s wide flyer has the potential to get away quickly but is just as likely to miss the break. A specialist over 400m, his fastest time to date doesn’t stack up in a race of this quality. BRT 27.25

Paul’s Pick – (DROOPYS CRISP)

I thought DROOPYS CRISP was very impressive in defeat last week, and provided he gets a smoother trip, should be able to reverse last Friday’s result against CAT ISLAND. 5-2-3

Oxford, UK. 6th October 2023. Cat Island (2) wins Trial 5 of The Puppy Collar at Oxford Stadium ahead of Droopys Crisp (5), UK. Credit: Paul Blake/Alamy Live News.

HEAT 2 19:24

TRAP 1 – ( SIR OREO ) Chris Hamblin’s SIR OREO has been paw perfect to this point. He’s an uncomplicated railer who traps well and usually leads into the first turn. This front runner can see out the 450m in this company, particularly if there is any trouble in behind. BRT 26.87

TRAP 2 – ( DROOPYS DINGO ) Traps well on the whole but doesn’t quite have the early pace needed to avoid trouble in this company. Daniel Brabon’s beige dog may have an influence on the chances of others around him, if he moves across, but he is unlikely to affect the forecast on his own merits. BRT 27.32

TRAP 3 – ( KING MEMPHIS ) The fastest dog in last Saturday’s trials, KING MEMPHIS should be too good in this company. The King can be a little hit and miss out of the boxes but should have enough pace in hand to pick up Sir Oreo, provided he gets a clear run. Moved off in the semi-final of The Produce Stakes at Swindon and was crowded before recovering to finish 3rd. BRT 26.53

TRAP 4 – ( BLOOS BOY RAPIDO ) Had an encouraging first look around Oxford last week, outrunning his odds before finishing second behind ANTIGUA SUN. Eight spins around Monmore’s 480m might prove to be in his favour as the competition progresses, providing he can make it to the latter stages. Could be one for the tri-cast. BRT 27.26

TRAP 5 – ( SIGNET BATMAN ) Kevin Hutton’s black dog was 4th by a distance last weekend behind DROOPYS EDDIE and may not have the early to avoid crowding at the first bend tonight. A November ’21 pup, SIGNET BATMAN does have the strength to pull through in a tussle. BRT 27.38

TRAP 6 – ( EASY MOLLY ) Vicki Lea’s black bitch is a wide runner who tends to hit the rails into the first turn. The youngest pup in the race, EASY MOLLY is still learning. Sent off at 25/1 in last weekend’s trial stakes, it’s difficult to make a case for her here. BRT 27.43

Paul’s Pick – ( KING MEMPHIS )

I think KING MEMPHIS takes all the beating in the 2nd heat. Despite SIR OREO’s 100% record, I expect the King to take the biscuit, leaving the rest to pick up the crumbs. Bloos Boy Rapido could be the one for the tri-cast. 3-1-4

HEAT 3 19:44

TRAP 1 – ( QUEEN LEONA ) Liz McNair’s QUEEN LEONA has been guilty of taking her time getting out of the boxes recently. Her pace on the run-up is eye-catching but she rarely arrives at the first bend with room to do her running. A fast break is a must and having the rail could help. BRT 27.11

TRAP 2 – ( BALLYMAC ROCKY ) Angie Kibble’s black dog should punch out of the traps and put it up to the pups either side on the run-up. BALLYMAC ROCKY was headed by DROOPYS EDDIE in the trial stakes last week and the same could happen again tonight. BRT 27.15

TRAP 3 – ( ANNADOWN PADDY ) Could benefit from a clear run tonight and is capable of going under 27 seconds if (and it’s a big if) breaking quickly. Unlikely to find things easy in this company and he may be in the rear early with a too much to do. BRT 26.90

TRAP 4 – ( BRENTFORDPENGUIN ) Matt Dartnall’s black and white pup, owned by Fans Bee United (hence the creative name) will have learned a great deal after his first proper look last weekend. Has the speed to match the field on his day. BRT 27.08

TRAP 5 – ( QUEEN DUSTY ) Liz McNair’s wide seed showed some early promise when winning in A1 company at Central Park. She has struggled since then and may find tonight’s heat too hot to handle. Outside of her, DROOPYS EDDIE will probably go forward, leaving her to do her running in behind. One for the tri-cast if there is crowding on the inside. BRT 27.33

TRAP 6 – Now Vacant Non Runner ( DROOPYS EDDIE ) Maxine Locke’s Romford raider has a lot going for her in this heat. A genuine wide runner and winner of last week’s trial ahead of BALLYMAC ROCKY (27.04) DROOPYS EDDIE is capable of grabbing this heat by the scruff of the neck coming out of the 2nd bend. BRT 27.04

Paul’s Pick – (Ballymac Rocky)

A repeat of last week’s run should be good enough to win this heat. BALLYMAC ROCKY should qualify. The tri-cast is tough to call, but if I was asked to stick my head above the parapet, I’d probably favour Queen Leona in Trap 1. 2-1-3

Oxford, UK. 6th October 2023. Droopys Eddie (6) leads into the first bend of the 19:24 Puppy Collar Trial (Heat 2) over 450m ahead of Ballymac Rocky (1) at Oxford Stadium, UK. Credit: Paul Blake/Alamy Live News.

HEAT 4 20:03

TRAP 1 – ( COPPICE LOTTIE ) Kevin Hutton’s bitch has not repeated her form of the 15th September when she won convincingly in A5 company. At this level, she does not start start well enough to get a good pitch into the first bend. Tends to wander from mid to rails and rails to mid. 7 lengths behind KING CAPALDI last time out. BRT 27.07

TRAP 2 – ( KING CAPALDI ) Liz McNair’s KING CAPALDI won ahead of LUSH in last week’s trial, despite being forced to check on the first bend. Should clear the inside trap and turn alongside ANTIGUA SUN. If this happens, KING CAPLADI’s superior pace should see him home with plenty to spare. BRT 26.76

TRAP 3 – ( ANTIGUA SUN ) Jason Heath’s black and white, Feb ’22 pup won well, despite turning last in last week’s trial. He’s up against some better types tonight so will need to get away much better if he is to challenge for a place in the semi-finals. BRT 27.04

TRAP 4 – ( DROOPYS HANOVER) Consistent and improving, DROOPYS HANOVER could be there or thereabouts if he gets a clear run. Expect him to turn behind ANTIGUA SUN and follow him through the first two bends. Could be one for the forecast/tricast. BRT 27.03

TRAP 5 – ( DISTANT PLAYBOY ) Richard Baker’s March ’22 pup has it all to do tonight if he is to progress to the semi-finals. Times have not improved since stepping up into open company for this youngster. Time and patience required, perhaps? BRT 27.26

TRAP 6 – ( LUSH ) Ran very well in defeat last weekend behind KING CAPALDI. Can ping the lids and cheat the draw but I don’t see that happening again in this field. BRT 27.25

Paul’s Pick – ( KING CAPALDI )

No surprises here with my pick. I’ve gone for the middle traps to follow KING CAPALDI through to the semis. 2-4-3

Oxford, UK. 6th October 2023. Lush (6) leads the 19:07 Puppy Collar Trial Heat 1 ahead of the eventual winner, King Capaldi (1), at Oxford Stadium, UK. Credit: Paul Blake/Alamy Live News.

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