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Faller, Paisley Pearl, is drawn into the semi-finals of the Arc Classic after void race, sparking controversy on socials

On a night of controversy, the Category 1, Arc Classic got underway at Sunderland Greyhound Stadium on Friday. There was a fantastic selection of dogs, including recent steel city cup winner, Swift Iconic and the much beloved Links Maverick. Most dogs travelled to Sunderland from tracks around the country, with only a handful trained on Wearside. Almost every heat had some sort of trouble on the bends, with only 5 heats being completed due to heat 3 being voided.

Heat 1

The ARC Classic opened with the first of many heats where all 6 runners were trained elsewhere, and the fastest heat of the 5 that were completed. It featured Swift Iconic who not only won this heat, but just a few weeks ago had won the Steel City Cup in Sheffield. The race began with a fairly level break, great early pace from Swift Iconic in Trap 1, closely followed by Trap 4, Keefill George throughout. The first bend was very messy at the back of the crowd, which hindered trap 5, Inniskeel Josie and Laughil Flash in trap 2 significantly, wiping them out of the competition. Trap 3, Maglass Sid was also caught up in the trouble, however persevered and almost caught Watchall Sid on the line who was third.

1st: Trap 1, Swift Iconic (26.70)

Owned By Mr.C.J.Waters Trained By John Mullins (Yarmouth/Towcester)

2nd: Trap 4, Keefill George (27.10)

Owned and Trained by Philip Milner (Sheffield)

3rd: Trap 6, Watchall Sid (27.43)

Owned by Mr.J.J.Metcalfe Trained by Carl Jackson (Newcastle)

Swift Iconic makes a great start to the ARC Classic with victory in Heat 1
Heat 2

Heat 2 was an extremely messy heat, with some nasty bumps on the bend leading to trap 6, Annadown Cuddles, being eliminated early on. There was a fairly level break with the winning three, traps 3, Bluejig hank, Magical rubble in trap 5 and Links Dasher in trap 1 avoiding all trouble. Bluejig Hank led throughout but was caught by the 10/11 favourite, Magical Rubble on the line with an extremely strong finish.

1st: Trap 5, Magical Rubble (26.98)

Owned By Mr.K.Lloyd Trained By Tom Heilbron (Newcastle)

2nd: Trap 3, Bluejig Hank (27.12)

Owned by The Three Caballeros Trained by Yvonne Bell

3rd: Trap 1, Links Dasher (27.34)

Owned by Digital Vapers Syndicate Trained by Tom Heilbron (Newcastle)

10/11 favourite, Magical Rubble, finishes strongly to win Heat 2
Heat 3

RACE VOID. In the interest of safety the hare was stopped and a draw took place to determine who will feature in the semi-finals. Hopefully the 2 dogs that fell returned safe and well. Below are the three dogs drawn to qualify for the semi-finals next week. This draw has been quite controversial on X (formerly twitter), as Paisley Pearl was drawn out of the hat despite being one of the dogs who fell and ran the wrong way. Swift Silly in trap 5 and Tel Boy in trap 2 failed to qualify as they weren’t drawn, despite being the leading 2 dogs by a number of lengths at the time of the fall.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment your views on this heat and the draw on my twitter page (@wilsongreyhound)

1st drawn: Trap 1, Droopys soldier

Owned and Trained By Michael Hurst (Unattached)

2nd drawn: Trap 3, Paisley Pearl

Owned by The Hammer Foot Syndicate Trained by Harry Burton (Pelaw/Newcastle)

3rd: Trap, 6 Trouble shooter

Owned by Mr.M.A.Berwick Trained by Stewart Tighe

Heat 4

This heat was almost heart breaking for many people as both fan and competition favourite, Links Maverick went out finishing fourth after being impeded on the back straight by Pape Di Oro. There was an extremely level break, with trap 3, March On Frankie lacking early but just catching trap 2, Links Maverick on the line to achieve the qualifying third place. Jonny whiskers led throughout, winning comfortably, with Trap 1, Pape Di Oro trailing behind throughout.

1st: Trap 5, Jonny Whiskers (26.76)

Owned By Mr.A.J.Thompson Trained By Harry Burton (Pelaw/Newcastle)

2nd: Trap 1, Pape Di Oro (27.18)

Owned and Trained by Savva Roberts (Newcastle)

3rd: Trap 3, March On Frankie (27.28)

Owned and Trained by Neil Brown (Unattached)

Competition favourite, Links Maverick, bows out in the first round of The Arc Classic
Heat 5

There was no catching the 5/6 favourite, Witton Venus who led throughout by a number of lengths after showing some blistering early pace. This is her first race back in 4 months for Sunderland trainer Jill Sutherst, and this was a great comeback. Proven sprinter, youmeanirene in trap 6, ran in second for the first few bends. However 4 bends just proved too much for him and he later finished in 5th. Trap 1, Kitty the Step, and Riverside Lisa in Trap 2 collided on the first bend, but then powered down the back straight to achieve second and third respectively.

1st: Trap 4, Witton Venus (26.92)

Owned By Seven Wonders Trained By Jill Sutherst

2nd: Trap 2, Riverside Lisa (27.28)

Owned by Mr.J.R.Burton & Mr.L.J.Weatherstone Trained by Raymond Hale (Newcastle)

3rd: Trap 1, Kitty The Step (27.61)

Owned by Little Bag Of Sweets Trained by Paul Miller

Witton Venus makes light work of the competition in Heat 5
Heat 6

The final heat had quite a troublesome first bend. Trap 2, The bulldog, fell with Witton Supremo in trap 6, and Fearsome Enigma in trap 4 was badly hindered. The 10/11 favourite in trap 1, Whisky Champ, despite causing the trouble, avoided it well and ran strongly down the final straight to achieve second place. Stormy news in trap 3 trapped well and showed great early to lead throughout. Trap 3 was closely followed by trap 1, Whisky champ up to the line, with trap 5, March On Larry finishing well in third. Hopefully The Bulldog came off safe and well.

1st: Trap 3 Stormy News (26.96)

Owned and Trained By Michael Hurst (Unattached)

2nd: Trap 1, Whisky Champ (27.09)

Owned by Mr.B.N.Owen Trained by Craig Marston (Nottingham)

3rd: Trap 5, March On Larry (27.37)

Owned by The Hammer Foot Syndicate Trained by Harry Burton (Pelaw/Newcastle)

Stormy News [editor’s pick] wins the 6th and final heat of the night
Semi Final draw

The semi finals will be held on the 10th November with the winning two dogs qualifying for the final on the 17th.

Semi Final 1

Semi final 1 features heat 5 winner, Witton Venus being drawn a trap wider than previous, in trap 5. If she can trap like she did in the heats, and show the blistering early pace again, she should qualify for the Finals quite comfortably. Trouble Shooter in trap 6 was one of the 3 dogs drawn from heat 3 due to it being voided. For the second qualifying place it truly is anyone’s game.

Semi Final 2

This next semi-final has been very controversial on X (formerly twitter) with people asking for a redraw, as Paisley Pearl in trap 3, was drawn out of the hat despite falling and running in the opposite direction. This heat also features Droopys Soldier who was drawn from heat 3. With no run in the heats, its hard to determine if they may have a chance in the Semi-Finals. The winner of heat 6 and the fastest of the bunch, Stormy News in trap 4, could qualify quite comfortably if he can run like he did in the heats.

Semi Final 3

The final Semi-Final could be the most interesting to watch. It boasts 3 heat winners, with Steel City Cup winner, Swift Iconic being the fastest of the lot. The 2 qualifying spots could go to anyone, all the dogs have been drawn their ideal trap, its just a case of who has the best early, or the greatest staying potential. This could easily be Swift Iconic‘s race if he can run how he usually does. Jonny Whiskers however has the fastest sectional of the whole competition so far, which could prove handy.

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