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The Final 2 Furlongs Racing Club

Affordable Racing Shares for everyone

Our ambition is to get more people into racing. This has led us to establish The Final 2 Furlongs Racing Club with our first Racing Club horse, 80-rated sprinter: Twilight Heir. Our main priorities are great value for money and offering a wide range of opportunities for our members to get into horse racing ownership. Serving teachers and NHS blue light card holders are entitled to 10% discount on all membership and member shares.

In association with Principle Racing, based in Lambourn, we want to bring the thrill and enjoyment of horse racing ownership to all – at a fraction of the cost of traditional syndicate ownership. Just like traditional syndicate shares, our Member Shares entitle owners to a share of the prize money when their selected horse wins. Member shares vary in size, from 0.1% to 2%. They are valid for 12 months and all fees are covered. Your purchase includes 12 months racing club membership, and your member shares.

Your purchase includes all fees for 12 months with no hidden costs, plus:

  • Stable visits to see your horse and watch him/her work on the gallops in Lambourn
  • Your percentage share of Racing Club prize money
  • Exclusive updates on your horse’s training, progress and pre- and post-race reports
  • Photos and videos of your horse
  • The opportunity to apply for owner’s badges every time your horse runs
  • An invitation to join us at Final 2 Furlongs Racing Club social events
  • Monthly Racing Club newsletter
  • Exclusive offers to expand your membership through the purchase of member shares should you wish to in the future

Full Syndicate Shares

Syndicate shares entitle members to become an owner in their own right. You will own the percentage of the horse that you have bought and be entitled to prize money when the horse wins. Your costs will reduce in Year 2 as you will only be paying training fees from that point on. This is a better option if you are in it for the long haul and really want to experience the highs and lows of syndicate ownership. Larger syndicate shares can be supplied. Please contact us for more information by email:

We offer affordable and totally risk-free membership and syndication with no hidden fees. This is a great way to take your love of racing to the next level. Racing Club membership and member shares are the ideal gift for horse racing enthusiasts.