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Terms and Conditions

  • Racing Club Members and Syndicate Shareholders are not guaranteed owners’ badges for race meetings, although we do our absolute best to meet demand where possible
  • Stable visits must be booked in advance and can only be arranged through the Final 2 Furlongs Racing Club
  • You are not charged VAT on your purchase
  • The joining fee is a one off charge, so long as you continue to pay your annual training fees on time
  • All prize money is distributed annually according to your share
  • The wellbeing of the Horse will be of paramount importance and the strategy for the management and racing of the Horse shall always be subject to the advice of the trainer and if necessary, at any time, the vets. The amount of starts during a season can vary from horse to horse
  • Your membership and member shares can be purchased as a gift for somebody else. Please notify us when you purchase your membership and we will do all we can to make the gift a memorable experience for the person concerned
  • If you wish to withdraw your membership, you must notify us at least one month prior to the end of your annual contract agreement
  • Unless otherwise stated, the racehorse will not be insured. If the horse can no longer run, or the worst happens you will not be required to pay training fees for the remaining time on your contract
  • You will only be eligible to claim prize money for the period that you have been allocated a member share
  • Annual training fees are not fixed beyond September 2023. We will notify you in advance of any changes to annual fees if you choose to extend your membership.
  • Members who purchase 0.5% member share or more, in one horse, may opt to be registered as a syndicate owner. This may expose you to further fees in the event of a large Vet bill or similar.

Membership and Member Share Options for ‘Twilight Heir’

Member Share SizeMembership (12 Months)Monthly Training Fees
(until the end of September 2023)
Total Cost (Year 1)
Membership Only£55£0£55
Published prices subject to review and may differ from those advertised above